Marketing Trends for 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

On a grey day in January, when it’s feeling pretty cold (in the UK anyway) and our resolutions might have slipped into the ‘maybe next year’s pile, I’m here to invigorate your.
LinkedIn is One of the Most Important

5 Reasons Why LinkedIn is One of the Most Important Social Media Platforms

As I witnessed in my recent LinkedIn Fundamentals Workshop, interest in harnessing the power of one of the ‘big four’ social media platforms is still very much on people’s marketing strategy –.
story link stickers

Instagram Changes for 2021: Story Link Stickers and Instagram Video

Instagram has not been resting on its laurels much this year. I think it’s safe to say the growing popularity of Tik Tok has made the platform sit up and question the.

The 5 Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Consultant

Biased, Moi? I know it’s easy to think that as a social media consultant myself, of course, I’m going to think it’s a marvellous idea that you hire someone to do your.
social media strategy

Why Is a Social Media Strategy so Important?

We’ve all been there, dear reader, when you’re tired and hungry and decide to go supermarket shopping – without a list 😱 As the tempting end-of-aisle deals and multitude of choices compete.
Social Platform Comparison

The Business Purpose Of Each Social Media Platform – A 2021 Comparison

I was watching the triathlon a couple of weeks ago, giving my best commentary from the sofa with a bowl of crackers (suddenly an armchair expert) and I was thinking about the.
0907 - Lead Magnet

What is a Lead Magnet? Here are 5 Examples…

Whether we realise it or not, we’re exposed to lead magnets every day of our lives, and it’s not just online. It’s the carrot dangle of a shop’s well-merchandised window; the unstoppable.
1106 - Facebook Groups

5 Ways To Integrate Facebook Groups Into Your Social Media Plan

While new social networks launch regularly (hello Clubhouse) and brands scramble to understand the audiences, uses and algorithms for each, one of the original players (we’re not talking about Myspace, sorry Tom).
1405 - Marketing Terms Demystified

Top Marketing Terms Demystified

Every industry is guilty of it, and perhaps marketing the most… yes, I’m talking about the language of jargon. If you’ve ever seen the brilliantly scripted W1A or 2012 programmes on BBC,.
branded social media posts

How to Design Branded Social Media Posts for Free

I get it. There are so many tools out there that allow you to turn your hand to a little graphic design that there’s almost too much choice. When we should be.