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Gain access to my coaching, workshops, and training materials to learn actionable principles you can apply to your social media strategy today.

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Why Work With Me?

Save Time

I empower you to work smarter, not harder, with your social media marketing.

Build Confidence

Mindset matters. One of the key ingredients to social selling is confidence!

Gain a Competitive Advantage

I identify your unique selling points and help you create compelling content  to cut through the noise.

My Services

Ways I Can Help You

Below is a list of services I offer for clients who wish to learn from me.

My Direct Method (DM)

1-2-1 Marketing Coaching

I’m inviting you to slide into my DMs. In this case, we’re not talking about my direct messages – I want to introduce you to my Direct Method. The Direct Method is a 1-2-1 coaching relationship that offers the most meaningful transformation to your marketing that you will ever get.

Meaningful, huh? Why do I say that? Well, not only will I become your biggest hype girl and accountability buddy, but I will strategically guide, train and support you in any aspect of your marketing. We can cover messaging, social media marketing, content creation, partnerships, etc. You name it. I’m here for it.

You can invest in a one-off power DM or a nurture package of three or six sessions.

The Direct Method will give you more confidence, clarity and killer marketing skills.

1-2-1 social media coaching
Social Never Sleeps - Monthly Group Sessions

Social Never Sleeps: The Circle

Monthly Group Sessions

My Circle sessions provide accountability and support to small groups of like-minded business owners. Together, we’ll meet monthly for one brainstorming session and one productivity session.

In our brainstorming sessions, we put your business in the spotlight, allowing you to ask other members for feedback on one or two marketing questions or queries.

In our productivity sessions, I will guide you and your Circle buddies into action. With ideas a-plenty, we will implement them together, ensuring you can practice what we’ve preached. This includes hands-on demonstrations, feedback and reviews.

Other members of The Circle have been amazed by the ideas and support they offer each other. You will leave each session feeling inspired and fired up. Guaranteed.

Social Never Sleeps: Workshops

Group Workshops

Trying to keep up-to-date with the constant developments in social media can feel like making your way through a department store on Black Friday. On rollerskates. There are so many messages, so many parties vying for your attention, and so many promises being made.

How do you cut through the noise? How do you decide what platforms and strategies to use for your business? My social media workshops are a perfect start.

These workshops take a topic and break it down into easy-to-digest little bites, making it simple to understand and simple to swallow. Delicious.

Social media courses

Social Never Sleeps: Course

Social Media Course

If you’re serious about making a long-lasting impact with your social media, there’s no better way to start than by taking this 5-week course. We dive deeply into audience analysis, content creation, social media systems and ROI, to name a few.

Many of my clients start by thinking they’re not natural content creators, but after breaking down the barriers of their own doubt and arming them with tools and tips, they leave with a bountiful social media content plan for the month ahead, all set within a framework of a wider strategy. These steps work for any business, in any industry.

My previous Social Never Sleeps alumni have all commonly said, “my output now matches my efforts”, “I feel empowered now I have a clear strategy”, and “Jem, you have great hair.” OK, maybe only one of them mentioned my hair, but a girl’s gotta share.

This course will revitalise your social presence and get the platforms working effectively for your business. With a strategy, social media will work for you, not against you.

Social Never Sleeps: Work Social

Team Training

Even the most experienced marketing, PR and comms teams can be forgiven for not being able to keep up with the whirlwind pace of social media. I take talented teams and fill in the skills/ knowledge gaps to bring everyone bang up-to-date.

We’ll look at how social can complement your current marketing mix, what platforms to double down on, and new tactics to boost engagement. As a former PR-industry specialist, I understand the nuanced relationship between social and PR. I can leverage my experience with traditional forms of media with those platforms available to us today.

This is one work social that nobody is going to want to miss.

Get Your Social Media On Point

Leverage my resources and extensive knowledge to make a difference with your social media output. 

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