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Social Media, Content & Influencer Marketing Services

Are you looking to harness the power of social media to grow your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the constant industry changes and ever-increasing platform choices?

Have you heard the phrase “content is king” but struggle with creating content with impact?

Jem Bahaijoub

Well, I have news for you. The strongest social media campaigns come from having a solid social media strategy, so you never have to worry about the why, how and what again.

But don’t panic. You’ve already aced the hard part; don’t underestimate how much groundwork you’ve done in getting your business this far. You will already have a wealth of stories to share with your audience (anybody seen the ‘how it started / how it’s going now…’ posts?) and you’ve likely got a roadmap, whether formalised or not, of where you’d like your business to be in the coming months or years.

So what’s next? It’s time to create a solid, actionable plan which aligns with your long-term vision. Aka, a social media strategy! I’m Jem Bahaijoub, social media strategist, and nothing gives me more satisfaction than using social media to drive real business growth for my clients.

While social media is ever-evolving, my 20+ years experience in marketing has given me the foundations and instinct to work across any incumbent platform. I’ve earned my stripes working for an international portfolio of businesses, specialising in UK and US audiences.

You may have considered social media management before, or even tried with varying levels of success, so how am I different? The crucial factor here is that I will be your strategic partner; I don’t believe in social for social’s sake. We’ll set your key performance indicators and measure what works.

Jem Bahaijoub - Social Media Consultant

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If you are a growing business, I can help you:

  • Cut Through the Noise: Let’s create and implement a social media strategy which aligns with your business goals and successfully integrates with your wider PR and marketing activities.
  • Grow Your Presence: Whether you’re a start-up or long-established business, the same amount of work needs to be done getting your business as recognisable online as offline. As your marketing consultant, I’ll build your online profile to communicate your key messages and brand values effectively.
  • Engage Your Audience: No-one knows your customers better than you – so let’s show them. Together we can create content that resonates with your target audience. Help your customers recognise that they’re seen and understood.
  • Build Your Knowledge: I want you to feel part of your social media activity, rather than freewheeling without you. I can empower you or a team member with the knowledge, systems and tools to market your business more effectively.

Clients I've Helped

Jem is a master strategist with a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of industries and brands. Her communication style and tech savvy enables her efficiently manage teams, both local and virtual. She has a knack for quickly (and most importantly, accurately) ascertaining problems and developing and deploying solutions. My company, along with the […]

GIT Mom has been working with Jem Bahaijoub for over a year. What began as a small working relationship to learn social media growth strategies (They worked and it was not difficult or overwhelming!) has evolved 10 months later to our securing the entire operation for PR, social media management and on-air radio and television […]

As a small business owner I find social media very overwhelming. I hired Jem to help me create a realistic short-term and long-term social media strategy for my business. In additon to providing a detailed marketing strategy that I have found very easy to implement, she helped me create acompany newsletter, and made suggestions to […]

If you want to drive PR/marketing results, you want to work with Jem Bahaijoub. Jem’s strategic thinking helps you formulate the ideal plan to match the results you want. Her social media savvy, wordsmith talent, and deep marketing knowledge means you get tactics to execute your strategy. Jem’s creative leadership allowed me to re-brand with […]

My consultation session with Jem was beyond helpful. I’ve adopted a lot of her strategies into my daily practice. Especially the content and social media calendars she recommended. Those have been a huge organisational help for me. In April, my blog logged over 4,000 views and my total social media reach is just under 24K […]

My marketing power hour with Jem was quite remarkable, one of those pivotal, transformational conversations, a real “A-ha” moment.

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