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Leverage my experience and allow me to manage entire projects or marketing campaigns on behalf of your brand.

My passion industries are arts & entertainment, health & wellness, and luxury lifestyle brands. 

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I enable you to work on your business rather than in your business.


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My Services

Ways I Can Help You

Below is a list of services I offer for clients who are looking for someone to manage entire projects and campaigns. 

Social Media Strategy

The key to success on social media is strategy! The what, why and how are fundamental elements of any campaign. While it’d be lovely to think that just posting what takes your fancy will reap the rewards, the reality is that for your efforts to pay actual dividends, it has to be part of a comprehensive strategy.

I help you start where it matters most by establishing a social media strategy on which you can hang a great big hat on. Then, and only then, will you be able to post with purpose.

Social Media Strategy

Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is a more traditional form of marketing than you may think. Just imagine celebrity endorsements for aftershaves or shampoo (I bet you’re picturing a couple of A-listers now) and you see the power of influencer marketing. The exciting thing is that social media has opened this up on a micro-level, for both the influencer and the brand, making it an increasingly popular form of marketing.

My influencer marketing campaigns headhunt the right personality for your brand fit through market research and my little black influencer target list. Once I’ve played matchmaker, I also manage all communication and campaigns between the two of you. Just call me the Cupid of Comms.

Social Media Management

You’ve got enough on your plate from your daily grind without worrying about the constantly evolving world of social media. I’m here to do the heavy lifting for you, where you can take a hands-off approach and know that your social media is doing the job it’s supposed to. Aside from your valued input into targets and key messages, you’ll sleep like a baby knowing my full-service, multi-platform campaigns represent your business and turn engagement into customers.

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Project Management

A strong social media campaign brings together the work of several involved parties; your own management and on-the-ground workforce, graphic designers, videographers, website team – you name it. Phew, that’s a lot of conversations to have… or you could let me handle the whole lot for you!

My experience has given me ways of spinning these plates and bringing them together in a coordinated routine even the Chinese State Circus would be proud of. You can think of me as your in-house marketing manager but, you know, out of house.

Get Your Social Media On Point

Leverage my experience and allow me to manage entire projects or marketing campaigns on behalf of your business/brand.

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