Marketing Trends for 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2022

On a grey day in January, when it’s feeling pretty cold (in the UK anyway) and our resolutions might have slipped into the ‘maybe next year’s pile, I’m here to invigorate your.
Social Platform Comparison

The Business Purpose Of Each Social Media Platform – A 2021 Comparison

I was watching the triathlon a couple of weeks ago, giving my best commentary from the sofa with a bowl of crackers (suddenly an armchair expert) and I was thinking about the.
branded social media posts

How to Design Branded Social Media Posts for Free

I get it. There are so many tools out there that allow you to turn your hand to a little graphic design that there’s almost too much choice. When we should be.
1803 - SWOT blog post

Time to SWOT Up: How a social media audit can help improve your marketing

Performing a SWOT analysis on your business existed long before digital marketing was even a consideration. Looking back to the 60s / early 70s, while the hairstyles and clothing are a distant,.
international women's day

Social Media For Social Good: Celebrating International Women’s Day

If you’re into social media content planning, like me, you may have come across a few niche or even obscure national and international days of recognition while planning your content calendar; perhaps.
Red Balloon with Hashtag

How to Use Hashtags Effectively

How to Use Hashtags Effectively If hashtags seem like an inexplicable mystery to you, it’s time to set things straight! As a marketing consultant, I’ve come across a noticeable amount of people.
Facebook Emoji Buttons

5 Reasons Facebook Remains Relevant To Businesses in 2021

The landscape of social media has shifted enormously over the last 5 years. In the UK, we spend almost two hours per day on our beloved platforms (and our screen time has.
Instagram Stories on Phone

The Rise of Ephemeral Content: How To Use Stories For Business 

2019 was the year that Stories exploded. It all started with SnapChat and their self-destruct message, photo and video functionality. Instagram, however, soon took over with the introduction of Instagram Stories in.
Quote: "Wish For It, Hope For It, Dream Of It. But By All Means, Do It...

How to get S.M.A.R.T. With Your Social Media Strategy

Happy New Year! It’s the start of a new year (and new decade!) and everyone is focused on GOALS. January is a great time for planning, plotting and establishing expectations, especially when.
Facebook on iPhone

5 Ways Social Media Will Kick Your PR Campaign Into Overdrive

  Entrepreneurship. Most people have thought about it at some point in their careers. You, however, have made the commitment to jump headlong into giving up your 9 to 5 job to.