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The Marketing Psychology Behind Social Media: 5 Theories that Showcase Its Influence

An undeniable powerhouse for us marketers, social media is a platform where businesses, from quaint little bookshops to towering tech giants, can promote and showcase their wares successfully.

But what’s the secret sauce behind those engaging posts and heartwarming campaigns that make you hit “like” or “share”?

Surprisingly, the answer is rooted in psychology!

It’s not merely about throwing content into the digital abyss; it’s about understanding the whims and wonders of human behaviour, peering into what makes us click, comment, and care.
Here are five key marketing psychology theories that play a hidden yet pivotal role in social media marketing success:

11 Key Ingredients for a Must-Read Company Newsletter: A Best Practice Guide

Email marketing is far from obsolete. In fact, it’s thriving!

A staggering 89% of marketers rely on email as their go-to channel for lead generation, with 59% claiming it’s more than twice as effective as other avenues like pay-per-click and social media ads.

Creating an effective company newsletter isn’t about churning out bland messages; it’s a direct pipeline to your audience, offering a golden chance to engage, educate, entice, and ultimately convert.