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Last Minute Christmas Marketing Ideas

It’s December already and if you’ve been organised you would have planned out your marketing campaign for the Christmas period well in advance! However, let’s be realistic, there will definitely be some of us who have understandably left their marketing to the last minute. Well, if this is you, it is not too late! Here are 4 super simple marketing tactics you can implement NOW to boost business sales during the Christmas period:

Charity starts close to home

There are so many deserving charities on social that would massively appreciate a shout out from you – no matter what size following you have. Have a look to see what local Christmas initiatives there are happening in your area that you could give a little social love to – try searches for Christmas dinners for the homeless, extra toy appeals etc etc. Perhaps you could do a series of Festive Cheer Charity crackers, where each week before Christmas, you pull a cracker to reveal another deserving social media account. Warm, fuzzy feeling guaranteed.

Round Up Reel

Are there video clips or photos that never quite made the feed? Perhaps you could unearth them from your camera roll and splice them together in a round up of this year. Bring on the bloopers, and make it as personal as you your brand image allows. We know that Instagram can’t get enough of the Reels at the moment, so you could seriously boost your reach by using up old scraps of content. Now there’s a Christmas leftovers recipe – just call me Nigella!

12 Days of Christmas Content Series

Launch a “12 Days of Christmas” social media series to showcase your services or products. Showcase a new product or service every day on your social media platforms for 12 days in the run up to Christmas to catch the eye of impulse buyers or last minute shoppers (like me!).

Promote Your Gift Cards

It’s an obvious one but always worth mentioning – always promote your gift cards for Christmas right up to the last minute! These are especially valuable if you work in the health and wellness industry as there is nothing better than treating your loved one to a massage or treatment to kick off the New Year.

Write A Gift Guide

Write a quick “Last Minute Gift Ideas For Christmas” gift guide on your blog to drive traffic to your website and promote your products. As an extra bonus, offer a discount code in exchange for an email address to build up your mailing list.

January Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have eclipsed the January Sales but there are still some consumers that love a good shop between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Appeal to this market, by providing sneak previews of your January sales offers to entice people. For some reason the January sales always start on Boxing Day anyway.

Remember you still have time to appeal to last minute shoppers. Good luck and Happy Christmas!

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