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I’m Jem

Marketing strategist and your social media partner with 20+ years of international experience.

I’m here to show you how to leverage the power of social media to attract, nurture and retain your ideal client. If you think social media is more of a time drain than a business gain, I can’t wait to show you otherwise.

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Done With You
Done With You


Education Hub and Training

If you’re running a business, believe me, you already have the foundational skill to master social media – you just need some direction.

With my training resources and courses, I’ll show you how to use social media to unlock new growth. You’ll learn how to think creatively and strategically, taking the pressure out of using social media and injecting some much-needed fun.

Done For You
Done For You


Campaigns & Project Management

Trust me. I get it. As business owners or marketers yourself, you already have unrivalled knowledge about your business and countless ideas for how to tell your story. But do you have the time?

Think of me as added firepower for your marketing – an experienced, trusted comms pro and a fresh pair of eyes. I’ll galvanise your marketing while giving you back some precious time.

Jem Bahaijoub

People want followers.
Businesses want conversions.

You may have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ from social media marketers. Call me controversial, but I don’t wholly agree.

Of course, being visible on the platforms where your customers hang out is essential, but it’s the what, why and how that really keeps me up at night. My clients come to me for a well-researched, well-thought-out strategy that focuses on their business growth, not just social for social’s sake. We’ll set your key performance indicators and measure what works.

I take the lessons learnt from my 20+ years of international experience in marketing and PR to think critically and creatively. Yes, we cover the nitty-gritty tactics, like the different business purposes of each platform, their quirky algorithms, the type of posts currently in favour and how to come up with killer content, time and time again.

More importantly, however, I look at the bigger picture; my approach comes from a career as an international strategic leader, allowing me to look at your social media strategy from a holistic marketing perspective. I ensure we align your social media activities with your broader marketing and business goals.

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Why Work With Me?

While social media is ever-evolving, my 20+ years experience in marketing has given me the foundations and instinct to work across any incumbent platform. I’ve earned my stripes working for an international portfolio of businesses, specialising in UK and US audiences.

You may have considered social media management before, or even tried with varying levels of success, so how am I different? The crucial factor here is that I will be your strategic partner; I don’t believe in social for social’s sake. We’ll set your key performance indicators and measure what works.

Jem Bahaijoub
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