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Take 5 – Five Daily Marketing Tactics To Boost Business Sales

Are you lacking inspiration for marketing ideas for your business? Well, each month I will be releasing my Take 5 Challenge – 5 super simple marketing tactics you can implement NOW to boost business sales. Here’s the lowdown this month:


Email your 20 favourite customers asking for reviews on Google or your Facebook business page. When potential customers are researching you, they will always look at your online reviews before deciding whether to buy from you. This is called social proof. And if you have no reviews or weak reviews? Sadly, they’ll often take a pass.

This is why it is so essential to have your own website, social media sites and a Google My Business page. Not sure what that is? It’s the profile that Google displays on search and Google maps showing where your business is located, your reviews, photos, and more.

Bottom line: if you want more customers, you need to work on getting more online 5 star reviews. 


Facebook groups have become the unsung marketing hero on social media. They can be a crucial tool for startup companies and solo entrepreneurs – offering community, support and a valuable referral network.  However, in order to fully benefit from Facebook groups for business, you have to nurture your involvement over time. Facebook groups are all about reciprocity. Start by adding value to the group by introducing yourself, asking questions, giving advice, and commenting and liking on other people’s posts. Engage with other members on a daily basis, and share your knowledge and expertise. Become a resource for others, and they will soon become a resource for you.

TIP: Just choose 1-2 Facebook business groups to join. Choose quality over quantity.


Record a video introduction about yourself and your business, and post it across all your social media platforms. This will help introduce the personality behind your brand and humanize your business. Remember, people buy from people, they don’t buy “things”.

TIP: If you hate being on camera, then create a quick hyperlapse or boomerang video instead.


Publish a killer piece of educational content on either your website or on LinkedIn Publishing. This could be a written blog post or a video. So many businesses use their social media and their website to SELL SELL SELL, but most often it’s the TELL that sells!

When you provide educational content (in the form of blog posts, videos, or guides), you’re positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. You’re also helping people to better understand your services and possibly even turn them into a new customer. Once you’ve produced your content, repurpose it multiple times across all your social media sites to really maximise its worth.

TIP: Utilise to find out what the most commonly asked questions are in your industry. Then address these questions in your content!


One popular trend growing on Instagram lately is “loop giveaways.” A loop giveaway is done when brands and influencers collaborate to host one large giveaway together, but each giveaway participant requires users to engage using their individual profiles in order to be entered.

The beauty of this for brands and influencers is they can partner with other people in their niche and attract their followers to help grow their community. Plus, splitting the actual cost of the prize between all of the giveaway hosts is an awesome way to save money!

TIP: Make sure you collaborate with like-minded small businesses who collectively provide value in their social media communications otherwise you will not benefit long-term from the loop giveaway.  Remember it’s not always about increasing your following. Adding value to your existing followers is also worthwhile.

Stay tuned next month for another Take 5.

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