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MARKETING HACK: 10 Ways To Repurpose Your Online Content 

Do you want to know how to make your content marketing strategy much, much easier? It’s simple really. You just need to repurpose your long-form content multiple ways. 

Long-form content means content that is long enough to require critical thinking, such as blog posts, podcast episodes, whitepapers or an e-book.  There are so many advantages to repurposing your content. It saves you time and helps you reach new audiences. It also reinforces your message and boosts your SEO.  

Let’s take one blog post as an example. Here are 10 ways you can repurpose it:

  1. Create a FB or IG Live on the subject.
  2. Create a video clip for IGTV or YouTube.
  3. Slice and dice the article into information snippets or tips for social media.
  4. Re-use the content in your newsletter. 
  5. Create an infographic.
  6. Create a slideshow video with Animoto.
  7. Host a webinar on the subject.
  8. Create quote images for Instagram.
  9. Talk about it on your IG and FB Stories.
  10.  Create an animated Gif in Photoshop.

So how do you get started? Answer these three questions first:

  1. What type of long-form content can you produce on a regular basis?

Marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk calls this type of long-form content “pillar content”. This is the type of content you produce either weekly, monthly or quarterly and it exists at the top of your content pyramid. To decide on the type of pillar content for your business, you need to assess your audiences’ needs and industry type. However, you should also ask yourself what type of content you actually ENJOY creating.  The more you enjoy it, the easier it will be!

  1. What existing content do you have that you can repurpose?

A great place to start your repurposing strategy, is by reviewing and utilising your existing content, especially your highest performing blog posts or podcasts. 

  1. How does this fit into your overall marketing plan?

Any content marketing strategy you create has to integrate fully into the overall marketing strategy for your business. Create an editorial calendar to log and track the success of your pillar content. Ensure you are always connecting  the dots for maximum impact. 

Best of luck!

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