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The future of social interaction? Instagram Reels.

You’ve probably heard me say that you need to create more video content for your business. Not only are people watching it more than ever, but social media success is now dependent on this content type. The prime example – which you must’ve heard of if you’ve lived on planet earth for the past couple of months – is TikTok. An endless stream of short entertaining clips on every possible topic. Instagram has reacted to this widely popular app with its newest feature: Instagram Reels.

What Are Reels?
Reels are 15-second or 30-second clips that you share with your followers on Instagram. Just like on TikTok, Instagram gives you a wide array of creative tools built into its app to put together short videos. Just like you would create a story, you select Reels at the bottom of your Instagram camera. You now have access to audio effects, Augmented Reality filters, timers, countdowns, you name it. You can merge different videos or create entirely new ones specifically for Reels. The app will tell you how much of your 15 or 30 seconds are used up once you start editing.

The Future?
Whether you think it’s just a copy of TikTok or not, Reels are quickly becoming the next big thing in the world of social media. There’s no getting around it. Short-form video content is becoming more and more popular every day, especially with Generation Z. The biggest draw to Reels, just like with TikTok, is that you can literally post about anything and make it seem endlessly interesting. From teens dancing to the latest music hits to dogs lip-syncing with an Obama speech, the possibilities are endless.

Brand Takeovers
The possibility for new types of ads in Reels presents interesting options for marketers. If anything, marketers should be looking into creating short format mobile-friendly content. Both Instagram and TikTok remain two of the most popular social media apps, with much more potential for growth.

Content Ideas
Here are five awesome content ideas you can implement in your Instagram Reels strategy today:

  1. Behind-the-scenes content
    Show the real side of your brand by creating short clips of your business processes. Make it relatable to your customer. Show the face behind the business! Many of your followers might not know who you are and what your personal values are. You’re essentially humanizing your brand, which encourages loyalty.
  2. Before and after
    If you’re in the business of creating things – anything from websites to home renovations – before and after shots are a great way to boost your engagement. You’re showcasing and thus promoting your work in a short but clear-cut format, which is exactly what social media users want to see nowadays.
  3. Tips and tricks & how-to-videos
    If you’ve been in your field of work long enough, chances are that you have some pretty good insights into your industry. Whether you clean windows, repair phone screens or plant trees, every type of business has valuable tips and tricks to share. Pro tip: implement some frequently asked questions you’re tired of hearing about!
  4. Repurpose your content
    Great content doesn’t have to be brand new content. Take a great blog post you’ve written for example. Poor all the valuable info you’ve come up with into a short video, and your previous efforts will reach an even bigger audience.
  5. Utilize trends
    Have a look at the Instagram discover tab, observe what other people are doing. I’m not saying you should just copycat other content, but there are usually lots of social media “challenges” and inspo that businesses can utilise in their content. Just like on TikTok, it’s good to be on the lookout for the latest most popular videos.

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