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Bucktown Music

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By Numbers

+ 42.6 %
Increase in Instagram Reach
+ 900 %
Increase in Website Click-throughs
+ 113 %
Increase in Facebook Reach


Bucktown Music is an acclaimed music center offering music classes and lessons from birth to adulthood. In October 2020 Jem Bahaijoub Consulting was hired to devise and implement a social media campaign for Bucktown Music.


Increase brand awareness.

Increase subscriptions to Bucktown’s online classes with a specific focus on newborn to 2 year old classes as a valuable alternative to pre-school.


We promoted Bucktown Music as a lifetime musical journey from birth to adulthood, and a go-to resource for the parenting community. This focused on the following tactics:

The creation of educational and value-led content.

Pillar content method which focused on repurposing long-form content across all platforms.


42.6% increase in Instagram reach and impressions in 3 months.

900% increase in website click-throughs.

113% increase in Facebook reach in 3 months.

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