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Cassandra Hawkinson

Owner, Ac4ve Moms Club, Chicago, USA

As a small business owner I find social media very overwhelming. I hired Jem to help me create a realistic short-term and long-term social media strategy for my business. In addi;on to providing a detailed marketing strategy that I have found very easy to implement, she helped me create a company newsletter, and made suggestions to improve my business website. Within one week of implementation I saw a significant increase in online engagement. I’d recommend hiring Jem if you are in need of refining or creating a social media strategy; she gave me focus and delivered results.

Melissa Thornley

Melissa Thornley Consul4ng, Chicago, USA

If you want to drive PR/marketing results, you want to work with Jem Bahaijoub. Jem’s strategic thinking helps you formulate the ideal plan to match the results you want. Her social media savvy, wordsmith talent, and deep marketing knowledge means you get tactics to execute your strategy. Jem’s creative leadership allowed me to re-brand with gusto and create an executable plan to build a following to grow my business.

Strategic Thinker + Creative Leader + Tactical Wizard = Jem….. well, almost. She’s more than that. Hire her and experience the magic for yourself.

Eirene Heidelberger

GIT Mom, Chicago

GIT Mom has been working with Jem Bahaijoub for over a year. What began as a small working relationship to learn social media growth strategies (They worked and it was not difficult or overwhelming!) has evolved 10 months later to our securing the entire operation for PR, social media management and on-air radio and television training. She understand my brand’s message and the support I need to share it not only with clients,but, also the big brands in the parenting world. Jem is calm as well as soothing during tense moments and well aware of what her clients need and when. She is truly a JEM!

Jeffery Spivey

Uptown Bourgeois, NYC, USA

My consultation session with Jem was beyond helpful. I’ve adopted a lot of her strategies into my daily practice. Especially the content and social media calendars she recommended. Those have been a huge organisational help for me. In April, my blog logged over 4,000 views and my total social media reach is just under 24K right now! I learned a lot, and I’m very appreciative for her help.

Ryan Arnold

Desoto & State Communications

Jem is a master strategist with a wealth of knowledge across a broad range of industries and brands. Her communication style and tech savvy enables her efficiently manage teams, both local and virtual. She has a knack for quickly (and most importantly, accurately) ascertaining problems and developing and deploying solutions. My company, along with the projects on which I’ve collaborated with Jem, would not be as successful without her. I recommend her fully.

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